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Bohu Purpose

Credit first, Quality first, customer first.

Operation Principle

The pursuit of excellence, the industry leader, To provide customers with the best quality products.

Quality policy

Tiger chain, Each reasonable, all satisfied.

Talented person

Proficient in business, advocating professional,

Sales Network

Global product sales, Form a perfect sales network.
Company mainly engaged in the production of non slip chain, lifting chain, animal chain, woven chain, such as the ten series more than 4000 varieties of specifications, products sold all over the world. Development to the middle can enjoy the car Paste 5000-20000 yuan / years ranging
from $8-20 million about, very big development space, now sincere hire the following staff, welcome interested to join to create Albert!


2, education is not limited, there is a test related work experience is preferred

Warehouse keeper

3, education is not limited to, a warehouse management experience is preferred, the number should be sensitive to.

Reserve cadres

Some, education is not limited, relevant working experience is preferred


Some, not limited to education, piecework, skilled workers can reach more than 4000 yuan


2, the degree is not limited, the need for electrician certificate

Packaging industry

Some,Education is not limited, relevant working experience is preferred
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